Venetian blinds

Aluminium Venetian blinds are very practical and comfortable light deflectors

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Aluminium Venetian blinds Wooden Venetian blinds

Aluminium blinds are suitable for every room and are very practical and comfortable for guiding light. The blinds are made of high-quality hot-painted aluminium (0.21 mm thick). Aluminium blinds can also be used in damp rooms. The paint of the blinds is antistatic, resulting in no dust settling on the blinds. Our colour range includes over 100 different colours and surface treatments.

The width of each strip is 16, 25 and 50 mm. The width of the blinds with strings is 25 mm.
 The maximum size of blinds is 300 x 300 cm.

In addition to the strip width, you can choose blinds by model. You can order blinds with a standard box and a cover strip from us..

Aluminium blinds are made according to the dimensions you provide.

Where to start from if you want a quote or would like to order curtains?

  • Send us the dimensions of your window frame
  • Tell us where you would like the blinds to be mounted (inside or outside of the window frame)
  • Describe what kind of a mechanism you would like (with/without a cover strip and with a chain/string)
  • Choose the material you like
  • If you have any doubts about how the curtain can be mounted on your window, add a picture of your window to the query
  • Send us a quote request at and wait for our reply ;)

The order can be placed in our factory studio but if you do not have time, you can order the curtains online without leaving the comfort of your home.



You can have a look at the fabrics in our factory studio in Tallinn at Kakumäe tee 37.

N.B. Samples may be different from the actual tone depending on the resolution of your monitor and the capabilities of your computer’s video card!