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Allusion curtains

If you’re looking to create an instant impact in yor home with something a little diferent then Allusion blinds would be the perfect choice.

Allusion curtains offer the ultimate in shading flexibility and privacy. With the fabric vanes open during the day you can still enjoy your view, you can even walk through the blind to your outside space whilist still retaining the ambience. When the blinds are closed at night you can have total privacy, warmth and security.

There is two type of fabrics:

  • Horizon is a sheer and textured knitted fabric combinated in neutral, calming tones.
  • Vista is a flame retardant range with a subtle, geo wave combained with a sophisticated sheer.

Where to start from if you want a quote or would like to order curtains?

  • Send us the dimensions of your wall
  • Tell us where you want to install the curtains (the entire wall or only covering the window)
  • Choose the fabric you like.
  • If you have any doubts about how the curtain can be mounted on your window, add a picture of your window to the query
  • Send us a quote request at and wait for our reply ;)

The order can be placed in our factory studio but if you do not have time, you can order the curtains online without leaving the comfort of your home.


You can have a look at the fabrics in our factory studio in Tallinn at Kakumäe tee 37.

N.B. The shades of the samples may differ from the actual tone depending on the resolution of your monitor and the capabilities of your computer’s video card!


H-Chalk Chalk
H-Graphite Graphite
H-Linen Linen
H-Parchment Parchment
H-Pewter Pewter


V-Calico-1 Calico-1
V-Calico Calico
V-Cinder Cinder
V-Nordic Nordic
V-Snow Snow


Allusion installation