Roman blinds

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Much of our life is spent in our homes, home is where our childhood memories are created, a place where we experience happy moments with our loved ones, and where we only invite our closest friends to.

In order to give an ordinary house personality and to make it into a cozy home, it is not enough to only have warm colours on the walls or a fancy chandelier in the ceiling – you have to combine all the elements to create harmony.

Using Europe’s finest fabric manufacturers, we help you to design your cosy home atmosphere based on your personality. We want to help you add the final touch in creating your perfect home.

We use the same fabrics for the Roman blinds as for the textile curtains, which gives you the opportunity to combine the same patterns in different rooms. The Roman blinds themselves are very simple and can be moved by a string or chain mechanism.

Somfy Glydea engine-powered rails offer you unprecedented comfort – you can close and open your new curtains at the touch of a button, even from bed.

Where to start from if you want a quote or would like to order curtains?

  • Send us the dimensions of your window frame
  • Tell us where you would like the blinds to be mounted (inside or outside of the window frame)
  • Choose the fabric you like
  • If you have any doubts about how the curtain can be mounted on your window, add a picture of your window to the query
  • Send us a quote request at and wait for our reply ;)

The order can be placed in our factory studio but if you do not have time, you can order the curtains online without leaving the comfort of your home.


You can have a look at the fabrics in our factory studio in Tallinn at Kakumäe tee 37.

N.B. The shades of the samples may differ from the actual tone depending on the resolution of your monitor and the capabilities of your computer’s video card!